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Everything Skpr does is in service of environments and the workflow surrounding them.

Here are a few commands to get started.



The first command a developer will run on a project is list, giving developers a high level overview of what has been deployed and each environment's status.

$ skpr list

ENV     VERSION SIZE    INGRESS                      
dev     0.0.1   small   -  
prod    0.0.1   small   -
stg     0.0.1   small   -


The info command provides a deeper dive into the current status of the environment eg.

  • Full environment configuration
  • Provisioning (Certicate / SMTP)
skpr info dev

@todo, Example required.


$ skpr delete prod

Are you sure you want to PERMANENTLY DELETE this environment?
Please enter 'prod' to confirm (ctrl+c to abort).
Enter a value: prod