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The Skpr team prides itself on being extremely collaborative when building out our product roadmap.

The following roadmap represents the goals for both the Skpr platform team and its clients.

Recent Announcements We Are Proud Of

  • Added the basic project type for deploying single container applications. This feature enables application types such as Go and Node which run their webserver.
  • Provided Opensearch integration for enabling complex search functionality.
  • Support for Decoupled Applications. For a demo see our DrupalSouth '21 - Sponsor Showcase blog post.

Goals We Are Currently Working On

  • RDS Proxy integration for greater scaling for MySQL dependant applications e.g. Drupal.
  • Apple Silicon support for local development environments.
  • PHP 8.1.
  • Next interaction of RBAC (role-based access control) to support large development teams.