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SLA & Support Priority Levels

Skpr guarantees a monthly average of 99.95% uptime for the platform.

Skpr is built on top of AWS Managed Services. SLAs for AWS Managed Service can be found here:

  • CloudFront -
  • WAF -
  • ELB -
  • EC2 -
  • EKS -
  • RDS -
  • EFS -
  • VPC -

Maintenance Windows

The platform has a maintenance window every Thursday evening between 9pm and 10pm (AEDT).

We do not expect services to have any downtime during this window, however customers will be notified if downtime is required.


Type Retention Schedule
Daily 7 Days Nightly
Weekly 5 weeks First day of the week
Monthly 7 Months First day of the month


Skpr is monitored at the following layers:

  • API.
  • Control Plane.
  • Cluster e.g. compute instances.
  • Managed Services e.g. EKS, RDS, EFS etc.

Priority Levels

Type Description Process Response
Immediate The production environment (live website) is not functioning or the platform is unavailable Client to lodge a support ticket and then phone the support line Initial response as quickly as practical, and issues will be resolved above all other tasks
Urgent Major errors occurring within the production environment (live website). e.g. Regular application crashes Client to lodge a support ticket. Out of hours, phone the support line to alert them of the issue being lodged. Initial response within 2 hours to clarify details, with work commencing immediately upon the issue being acknowledged
High Errors occurring within platform that impede management. e.g. Cannot deploy Client to lodge a support ticket Initial response within the same working day and work scheduled to commence within 1 working day
Normal Intermittent issues with the platform Client to lodge a support ticket Initial response by the next working day and work scheduled to commence within 2 working days