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Set a configuration key/value pair


$ skpr config set dev Example

You can also tell Skpr to store your key/value pair as a secret, but please note these "secrets" are stored as Kubernetes secrets and can be decoded with relative ease. Anything stored should be appropriate for a developer on your project to see and consume.

$ skpr config set --secret dev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Usage in CI/CD Pipelines

If you have a configuration item which is already set, you will be prompted to override the setting or not.

Key already exists, are you sure you want to replace it? [yes/no]: 

This can cause some issues in CI. If you do not have access to stdin for the command, you can run the command with the --force flag like this:

$ skpr config set --force --secret dev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

More Information

 skpr config delete --help
usage: skpr config delete [<flags>] <environment> <key>

Deletes a config value for the specified environment.

  --help  Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).

  <environment>  Environment as configured. Usually one of: prod/staging/dev.
  <key>          Name of key/value pair to delete.

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