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CDN Cache Purging

Skpr provides all environments with an isolated CDN instance for caching.

Development teams require the ability to purge these caches when:

  • Deploying a new version of an application eg. New theming elements which need to be updated immediately.
  • Debugging edge caching issues

Skpr provides development teams with a command for creating and listing these purge interactions.


$ skpr purge list dev
ID              CREATED                                 PATH                       STATUS    
I3KV7JUPN0MX03  2021-09-17 04:44:31.744 +0000 UTC       - /path/to/purge/1         InProgress
                                                        - /path/to/purge/2  
                                                        - /path/to/purge/3/*

More Information

$ skpr purge list --help
usage: skpr purge list [<environment>]

List purge requests which have been created.

  --help  Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).

  [<environment>]  Environment to fetch information for.

What's next?

After listing purge requests, consider one of the following:

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