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Go Live: Checklist

The following checklist outlines tasks which you will want to consider with launching a site on the Skpr hosting platform.


Tasks to be carried out prior to Go live.

Task Description
🔲 Security Audit I have organised an audit for security, and my security team has evaluated the state of the application prior to launch.
🔲 Accessibility Audit I have conducted an accessibility audit of the application, and I understand the risks in accessibility if any before launching.
🔲 Performance Testing I have performed load testing and have identified any obvious issues with launching the application.
🔲 Caching I have read and followed the instructions on the more detailed cache configuration page, and I have verified that I can receive a HIT in the response headers of pages that should be cached.
🔲 Certificates I have read and followed the instructions on this page, and the domains I intend to run my application on have been verified with the use of DNS.
🔲 Development modules disabled I have disabled all development modules which might impact application security or stability after launching.
🔲 Logging I have configured logging for my application using the logging instructions.
🔲 Routes I have read and followed the instructions on this page, my routes have been configured or are ready for deployment.
🔲 New Relic I have configured New Relic in order to debug, trace and analyse issues with my application.
🔲 Security Updates There are no critical security updates available, and the application being launched does not have any outstanding security updates.
🔲 SMTP I have read and followed the instructions on this page, and I have verified and tested that my application is able to send email.
🔲 Redirects Domain level redirects are completed (such as legacy domains and paths).
🔲 Release tagging The project has been tagged via git, and the tag has been deployed to the appropriate environment.

Going Live

Tasks for be completed during the sites Go Live.

Component Description
🔲 Authentication Any pre go live authentication (eg. Basic Auth) will lock users out after launching, sensure this is disabled.
🔲 External HTTP checks I have configured external HTTP probes such as Pingdom, StatusCake or similar uptime monitoring services.

Follow Up

Taks to be completed after the site has gone live.

Component Description
🔲 Caching Review site Cache HIT ratio using CloudWatch Dashboards.
🔲 New Relic Review site performance using New Relic to determine application bottlenecks.
🔲 Non-public production redirects Redirects are in place for non-public production domains, to prevent domains from appearing in internet searches.