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Environment Information

Everything Skpr does is in service of its environments and the workflow surrounding them.

The info command provides a deeper dive into the current state of the environment e.g.

  • Environment details such as name, size and version.
  • Ingress points and cache policies.
  • Cron tasks - including the command and associated crontab.
  • The Skpr token and the application deployment state.
  • Any associated provisions such as certificates, SMTP, Solr etc.


$ skpr info dev
        "Name": "dev",
        "Version": "0.0.0",
        "Size": "micro",
        "Ingress": {
                "Domain": "",
                "Headers": [
                "Cookies": [
                "LoadBalancer": ""
        "Cron": [
                        "Name": "drush",
                        "Command": "drush cron",
                        "Schedule": "@hourly"
        "MySQL": [
                        "Name": "default",
                        "Image": {
                                "Schedule": "0 20 * * *",
                                "Sanitize": {}
        "Token": "f3a6e6f34f5644c5f417",
        "Phase": "Deployed"

More Information

$ skpr info --help
usage: skpr info [<flags>] [<environment>]

Display information for Skipper environment.

  --help           Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  --format="json"  Output format - supported format is 'json'

  [<environment>]  Environment to fetch information for.

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