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Create a backup


skpr backup create dev
Creating new backup

More information

$ skpr backup create --help
usage: skpr backup create [<flags>] [<environment>]

Create an backup on demand

      --help  Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  -w, --wait  Wait for backup to complete

  [<environment>]  Environment to backup

Backup Schedule

If the project is running on a Skpr cluster, it will benefit from receiving managed backups.

A backup consists generally of two pieces - database and files (Drupal public, private & temporary).

The frequency of these system backups can be configured in the projects' configuration.

  schedule: @daily # Crontab format.


crontab guru is a great resource for writing Crontabs.

Backup suspension

If you are planning to use your own backup workflows, you can disable automated daily backups.

  suspend: true

Backup tags

Additionally developers can provide the flag --tag to group backups.

This becomes convenient when grouping backups with common tasks eg. --tag=predeploy.

$ skpr backup create dev --tag=test

What's next?

After creating a backup, consider one of the following: