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Listing Daemons

Daemons are defined in the Skpr config, and once they are made available in the project configuration you can list them using the Skpr CLI. This will also show you some basic information such as what command is configured to run, what is the name of the deamon and the suspend status of the Daemon.

You can temporarily stop Daemons by using the suspend and continue them using the resume subcommand.


$ skpr daemon list stg 
 ───────────────── ─────────── ───────────
  NAME              COMMAND     SUSPENDED
 ───────────────── ─────────── ───────────
  chat-aggregator   sleep 300   No
 ───────────────── ─────────── ───────────

More Information

$ skpr daemon list --help
usage: skpr daemon list [<flags>] <environment>

List all Daemons which are associated with an environments.

  --help  Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  --json  Show output as JSON.

  <environment>  Name of the Environment

What's next?

After listing Daemons, consider one of the following: