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Checking Skpr Version

Although somewhat trivial, checking the version you're running in your Project against what is on the server, or it could be useful for administrators to validate functionality, bugs and changes.


$ skpr version
Client version:         0.13.0    
Client build date:      2021-09-09
Server version:         0.11.7    
Server build date:      2021-08-03

$ skpr version
Client version:         v0.13.0                  
Client build date:      2021-09-15-T04:54:35+0000
Server version:         UNKNOWN                  
Server build date:      UNKNOWN

More Information

$ skpr version --help
usage: skpr version [<flags>]

Prints skpr version

  --help   Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  --debug  Turn on debugging when interactions with the server

What's next?

After deleting an environment, consider one of the following:

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