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Credentials provide users with access to the Skpr platform.

These are typically provided using the following methods:

  • A Skpr platform representitive has provided them as a part of onboarding.
  • Manually gathered (or rotated) using the AWS Console

Credentials are then added to the following file:


Below is an example of the credentials.yml file.
    access_key_id: user1
    secret_access_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    access_key_id: user2
    secret_access_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


AWS Profile

Credentials can also be configured to use AWS named profiles.
    profile: skpr-org2

Environment Variables

Credentials can also be configured using environment variables to provide a smooth experience for developers integrating Skpr into their CI/CD solution.

export SKPR_USERNAME=user1
export SKPR_PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx