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External Providers

Skpr automatically provisions a robust CDN/WAF solution, however, a client might want to bring their own CDN/WAF solution because:

  • They have an existing account from a prior hosting engagement.
  • The organisation has a standardised approach for all applications.

Some of these CDN/WAF solutions include:

  • CloudFlare.
  • Akamai.
  • Fastly.

Skpr allows development teams to turn off its automatically provisioned CDN/WAF infrastructure, so development teams can integrate their own.


Update the application configuration to use "external" mode for Ingress.

  mode: external

External CDN/WAF configurations need to be updated to direct traffic to the Skpr application load balancer using a header (X-SKPR-TOKEN)

The load balancer and header information is available using the info command.

skpr info dev


Development teams who disable Skprs CDN/WAF are responsible for:

  • Certificates
  • Firewall configuration
  • Proxy configuration
  • Error pages