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Deleting Environments

Deleting environments should be done whilst exercising caution. When the need arises though, we’ve got a command ready for you.


$ skpr delete prod
Are you sure you want to PERMANENTLY DELETE this production environment? [yes/no]: yes
Please enter 'prod' to confirm (ctrl+c to abort).
Enter a value: prod

Successfully deleted environment 'prod' (status: Complete)

More Information

# skpr delete --help
usage: skpr delete [<flags>] [<environment>]

Deletes a deployed environment.

  --help     Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  --dry-run  Displays list of resources that would be deleted.
  --yes      Skips confirmation prompt (except if environment marked with "production")

  [<environment>]  Environment as configured in skipper. Usually one of prod/staging/dev.

What's next?

After deleting an environment, consider one of the following: